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Can I paint my Sunriver home blue?

New Sunriver home owners are often excited to take possession and put their personal stamp on their new purchase.  One of the common things new homeowners like to change is the exterior color of their home.  This can be a quick and relatively easy first effort.  However, not only new, but all home owners need to be aware that the Sunriver Owners Association (SROA) Rules and Regulations require exterior house colors blend and be compatible with the surrounding natural environment. 

 A wide range of recommended colors and color combinations are available and owners can review them at the SROA Community Development office .  If none of those colors work for the home owner, other colors can be chosen.  The home owner will need to provide a painted sample of the approved siding, wooden paint chips, or a stir stick is required along with the desired along with the desiredsheen/gloss with all submittals

FYI- Per the Design Committee Manual of Rules and Regulations,  on a yearly basis,  the SROA Design Committee inspects all homes in the community  to determine which are in need of  repainting.

Bottom line, you probably can’t paint your Sunriver house blue, but maybe a nice shade with Grey Squirrel tones!  Remember check with SROA before painting!

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